Single-vendor approach to cloud computing is dead, says IBM

Single-vendor approach to cloud computing is dead, says IBM

As businesses invest heavily in cloud computing to achieve their digital transformation, it will become clear that placing a significant burden on the hands of just one cloud provider comes with a fair share of risk – and according to a new study by IBM, this is gradually leading to the dominance of cloud computing.

In a global survey of 7,200 executives in 28 industries and 47 countries, Big Blue found that only 3% of decision-makers using one private or public cloud by 2021 dropped from 29% in 2019. In some industries, such as electronics, manufacturing or telecommunications, the price drops to 1%.

On the other hand, the number of respondents seeking a combination of more private and public clouds has increased from 44% to 59%. Going forward, the trend helps to establish a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud as the most popular IT infrastructure for cloud service delivery, according to IBM – while the one-vendor approach to cloud computing is slowly disappearing.

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