Salesforce Launches Net Zero Marketplace to make Sustainability Easier to Adopt

Salesforce-Launches-Net-Zero-Marketplace-to-make-Sustainability-Easier-to-Adopt (1)
Salesforce-Launches-Net-Zero-Marketplace-to-make-Sustainability-Easier-to-Adopt (1)

Salesforce has unveiled two new products at Dreamforce 2022 that center on the transparency of the carbon credit market and useful services for teams to get more out of their digital headquarters.

The annual event Dreamforce started in 2003 and is currently taking place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco through Wednesday. The Net Zero Marketplace, a platform created to make it easy and transparent for businesses to buy carbon credits, was unveiled at the event, along with three Slack tools that salesforce claims boost productivity and improve performance.

In order to scale climate-positive impact, Salesforce’s Net Zero Marketplace seeks to link consumers with ecopreneurs—entrepreneurs who are environmentally conscious.

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