Rakuten Announces O-RAN Alliance, Unveils eKYC Services

Rakuten Announces O-RAN Alliance_ Unveils eKYC Services

Rakuten Mobile, the Japanese telecoms operator, has recently announced its O-RAN collaboration. This telco community promotes fully-interoperable, open radio access networks – which is the potential future of mobile networks.

As mentioned by Tareq Amin, Executive VP and CTO of Rakuten Mobile – “As a member of the O-RAN ALLIANCE, we will leverage the experience gained from the development of our open, virtualized network in Japan to contribute to the creation of a fully open standard for RAN for the world.”

Besides, the company noted that it is going to introduce its eKYC solutions, basically an AI verification service for online contracts in its mobile carrier service.

Source: https://telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/japans-rakuten-mobile-joins-o-ran-alliance-launches-ekyc-services/79055655

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