Qualcomm Introduces a New Robotics Platform

Qualcomm Introduces a New Robotics Platform

Qualcomm has revealed a new robotics platform at its 5G Summit event, which will serve as an off-the-shelf developer kit for constructing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and drones using 5G and edge AI for next-gen autonomy. 

At the event, Qualcomm announced that they plan to enter the robotics market through the 5G rollout. 5G will have enormous ramifications for autonomous systems due to the speed and capacity it provides. 

The platform’s integration of 5G and AI, according to the business, makes it appropriate for developers in industries such as government service applications, logistics, healthcare, retail, warehousing, agriculture, construction, and utilities. Qualcomm also introduced a reference design for an AMR named RB5 AMR, which is a tiny wheeled robot designed to transport parcels and handle materials, in addition to the robotics platform.

Read More: https://www.zdnet.com/article/qualcomm-plunges-into-the-robotics-market/

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