Qualcomm Intends to Return to the Market for Server Chips


Qualcomm Inc. plans to return to the server chip market four years after exiting the segment, Bloomberg reported. Bloomberg was informed by sources familiar with Qualcomm’s intentions that the company is seeking clients for a new server-powered chip.

Amazon Web Services Inc. has agreed to evaluate the processor, according to the sources. AWS, the top cloud provider in the business, is a significant purchaser of processors and other data center hardware. In an effort to accelerate revenue development over the past few years, Qualcomm has endeavored to expand outside the mobile sector into other markets.

The company introduced a chip series optimized for smart cars in 2020 and subsequently paid USD 4.5 billion to acquire vehicle technology supplier Veoneer Inc. Qualcomm debuted a computing module for 5G carrier networks in June 2017.

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