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Qualcomm Announces Next Generation In-Display Fingerprint Sensor  

By ET Bureau - May 04, 2021 1 Mins Read

Qualcomm has recently announced the second generation of 3D Sonic Sensor which powers the in-display fingerprint readers. This technology is alike to the one that is found in Samsung Galaxy phones. 

Basically, Qualcomm announced its new reader could correctly comprehend fingerprints, and it achieves upgraded accuracy with the help of ultrasonic waves. It helps in creating a 3D scan of the print, where the revamped sensor is thinner – measuring just 0.2mm.

Furthermore, it will provide OEMs with more options in their overall smartphone design as well as development. Devices with this sensor will be 50% faster, while capturing 1.7x more data, as per Qualcomm.

Source: ZDNet 


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