Oracle SD-WAN Orchestration Cloud Launched by Oracle Cloud for Enterprise Success

Oracle Cloud has recently launched a solution OSOC – focused on managing network traffic and simplifying multi-cloud integration. OSOC, powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure remains a part of the Oracle SD-WAN portfolio. This Suite delivers a superior-performance network for services such as remote office IoT, contact centers, WAN, unified communications, and collaboration. Businesses opting for OSOC to quickly operate and deploy sophisticated networks to easily connect with services in a public cloud or within their facility.

As a result, enterprises no longer require to build, design, and maintain their high individual availability SD-WAN cores at their data centers saving money and time. As enterprises today look to become more agile, multi-cloud environments are crucial to offer the opportunity for broader choice and visibility, as well as pose challenges in reliability and performance.

This double-edged sword remains the key driver for greater SD-WAN adoption, and the SaaS model ensures that the SD-WAN is easily scalable as businesses seek to interconnect workloads across varied cloud environments.

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