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Nvidia and VMware integrate technology and architecture

By ET Bureau - October 01, 2020 1 Mins Read

Nvidia and VMware integrate technology and architecture

VMware and Nvidia announced the partnership that combines their technology and architecture. The organizations are planning to boost the adoption of AI. The collaboration cements Nvidia’s position in hybrid clouds. VMware has defined the architecture to embed data processing units (DPUs) with the edge, cloud, and data center. AI tech on Nvidia’s NGC hub shall be integrated with Tanzu, Cloud Foundation, and VMware vSphere.

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The partnership will help develop a new security architecture that offloads security, hypervisor, storage, and networking tasks from the CPU to DPU. The two organizations plan to collaborate with Project Monterey and develop an architecture built on SmartNIC technology. They intend to include Nvidia’s programmable BlueField-2 DPU that supports data-focused and machine learning apps.

Source: Zdnet


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