Netskope Announces New Data Loss Prevention Solution

Netskope Announces New Data Loss Prevention Solution

NetSkope, a Security Service Edge (SSE) provider of, has announced the release of a new endpoint data loss prevention (EDLP) solution that will protect data in private apps.

The new solution extends the Netskope Intelligent SSE platform to secure data in SaaS, IaaS, private applications, websites, emails, and endpoint devices. The new DLP solution from Netskope is designed to make it easier for users to protect data, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, reducing the risk of data breaches and invasions.

The announcement comes as businesses are increasingly concerned about data security in hybrid cloud systems, with four out of ten CEOs assessing the chance of a data breach attempt in the next 12 months as a four or five on a five-point risk scale.

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