Microsoft Announces Partnership with Chevron Days Ahead Of Employee Climate Strike

Microsoft, Chevron

Mere days before Microsoft workers are set to walk out of their jobs and publicly call on their employer to reduce carbon emissions and sever ties with fossil fuel companies, the tech giant has announced a major partnership with two of the biggest corporations in the oil industry. Microsoft employees have responded with a fiery statement condemning the partnership and calling on fellow employees to join them in walking out on September 20th.

It is, as Microsoft stated in its release yesterday, “the industry’s first three-party collaboration to accelerate the creation of innovative petrotechnical and digital technologies.”

The workers’ demands are straightforward: “Zero carbon emissions by 2030. Zero contracts with fossil fuel companies. Zero funding of climate denial lobbying or other efforts. Zero harm to climate refugees and frontline communities.”

When hundreds of Amazon workers announced last week that they would be walking out to protest their company’s inadequate climate policies, Microsoft employees were quick to join their fellow Seattleites. On September 9, a group called Microsoft Workers 4 Good tweeted “Microsoft workers will be joining millions of people around the world by participating in the youth-led Global Climate Strike on September 20th to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels.”

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