McAfee Enterprise and FireEye merge as Trellix

McAfee Enterprise and FireEye merge as Trellix

Symphony Technology Group (STG) took McAfee Enterprise for $ 4 billion in March, followed by June with a $ 1.2 billion FireEye purchase.

With the merger of two online security firms completed in October, the companies have been given a new name, Trellix. STG said the business will focus on detecting threats and responding using machine learning and exchange. Quoting the humble trellis as inspiration, Trellix will develop what it calls a “live safety – a learning technology that adapts and adapts to protect the performance of high-level actors”.

Trellix, which has a secure service limit portfolio, includes a cloud-based security vendor, a secure web portal, and zero network access set to split later this term.

Trellix is ​​said to have a combined 40,000 customers, approximately 5,000 employees and nearly $ 2 billion in revenue. 

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