K8ssandra: cloud native Cassandra unveiled by DataStax

K8ssandra cloud native Cassandra unveiled by DataStax

With prior experience of running Astra, DataStax has released a new open-source distribution of Cassandra. It is designed with a focus on Kubernetes. The solution expands on the preexisting operator and preconfigured guides and tools for configuration and deployment of Cassandra on the Kubernetes clusters. It also leverages several open source projects for observability purposes.

This is the latest development on DataStax to boost the initiation of cloud-native development in the Apache open source projects. K8ssandra includes the original DataStax Cass-operator, tooling with humorous and interesting names like Cassandra Medusa and Cassandra Reaper. The solution builds on open-source Prometheus and Grafana.

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/datastax-unveils-k8ssandra-as-cloud-native-cassandra/