Infosys Launches Applied AI Cloud on Cobalt

Infosys Launches Applied AI Cloud on Cobalt

Infosys announces the launch of Infosys Cobalt offering — applied AI cloud, built on NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, the universal system for all artificial intelligence workloads, offering unparalleled compute density, flexibility, and performance.

As per the official release, the new Infosys applied AI cloud will be an AI center of excellence, enabling developers and project teams to access AI hardware and software stacks across private and public clouds. This will enable them to build contextualized services that deliver AI-first business processes for enterprises.

NVIDIA DGX A100 systems will provide the infrastructure and the advanced compute power required to run deep learning and machine learning operations for the applied AI cloud. With NVIDIA’s Multi-Instance GPU technology, Infosys can improve infrastructure efficiency and maximize utilization of each DGX A100 system.

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