Infogroup changes name to Data Axle

Infogroup changes name to Data Axle

The data leadership company Infogroup has rebranded to Data Axle. Data Axle was the name of the company’s real-time AI/ML and cloud-based data platform for the past decade. Their solutions are based on business intelligence harvested from data. The company’s services include accurate customer insights, predictive models, and datasets provided to enterprises and clients via their real-time platform.

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Data Axle will continue serving its B2C and B2B clients to understand, retain, and acquire new clients via human verification and artificial intelligence tech. They have streamlined their products and services line by merging under one brand. The other historical name of the company includes Infogroup, ExecuReach, Sapphire, Yes Marketing, Salesgenie, Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions, Media Solutions, Marketing Genetics (MGEN), and, InfoUSA.


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