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Hugging Face and ServiceNow Introduce BigCode, A Project to Open Source Code-Generating AI Systems

By ET Bureau - September 27, 2022 1 Mins Read


Hugging Face, an AI start-up, and ServiceNow Research, the company’s R&D division, have started a new project called BigCode with the goal of creating “state-of-the-art” AI systems for code in a “open and responsible” manner.

The objective is to eventually release a dataset big enough to train a code-generating system, and then use ServiceNow’s internal graphics card cluster to build a prototype of a 15 billion parameter model, bigger than Codex’s (12 billion parameters) but smaller than AlphaCode’s (41.4 billion parameters). The components of an AI system that are learned from historical training data are known as parameters in machine learning.

These components essentially define the system’s skill on a given problem, such as generating code.

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