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Huawei Focusing On Cloud Computing, with Access to US Chips 

By ET Bureau - August 31, 2020 1 Mins Read

Huawei Focusing On Cloud Computing_ with Access to US Chips

Reportedly, Huawei Technologies is currently focusing on its growing cloud computing business, which can still access the US chips. This is despite the sanctions against the Chinese telecoms equipment maker – in order to secure its existence. The cloud computing business of Huawei deals with computing power and storage for organizations. This includes providing them with access to artificial intelligence, and it has been developing rapidly.

As per the FT report, the company noted that this unit is stepping up the offerings, and China will gradually support them via public cloud contracts. The Trump administration has recently announced the restriction of technology exports to Chinese companies. This is more precisely valid for Huawei Technology – citing the associated national security risks.



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