How Technology is helping bring Taboo women’s Healthcare topics in the open

women’s Healthcare, investment category, technology

While healthcare has been a very special subject and since it is directly related to socially taboo subjects like women’s sexual health, it has taken a huge amount of effort for these discussions to be brought out in the open. Issues like men’s sexual dysfunctions – erectile dysfunction- have received billions of investment. But women’s health is a clearly ignored subject and, very little is done about the painful and debilitating issue of endometriosis that almost a tenth of women worldwide suffer from.

Recently, space has been taken up as an untapped investment category for technology to be applied- and more discussions and maybe even solutions to be achieved in the field. Many similar subjects that the society, and hence medical practitioners have been studiously ignoring over many decades, are now coming to the fore, thanks to the technology that is being directed there, and investments that it is attracting. Innovations are slowly creeping out of the closet and the path seems to have increasingly more takers.

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