How IT needs to meet new competency needs

high-level IT success,social responsibility, consumer expectations, skills expectations,innovative thinking

An increasingly new set of skills is essential for high-level IT success, say senior CIOs globally. The new challenges that are facing modern IT organizations are about rapidly changing expectations of large enterprises that are changing around social responsibility, consumer expectations, and of course, skills expectations. Resources now to need to be  more than just skilled workers, they need to be ‘leaders, collaborators, visionaries.’

Better IT is no longer more of IT anymore, IT is not about mere technology and technical skills. A good IT expert is also expected to demonstrate soft skills, interpersonal communication and innovative thinking for better customer focus. For most CIOs that were looking at a ‘Seat at the Table’ has got it. Now they have to demonstrate their ability to handle it. IT now needs to be a strategic partner to the business. Clearly, an IT business leader needs to be more of a visionary than ever before and committed to change.

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