Google Will Invest in the U.S. Offices and Data Centers

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Google Will Invest in the U.S. Offices and Data Centers

Google announced on Wednesday that it would finance over $10 billion across the U.S offices and data centers in 2020. The investments have been planned for 11 different states, including Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, etc.  Similarly, last year the tech giant said it would invest over $13 billion on various offices and data centers in the U.S.

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As per Google’s fourth-quarter report (ended December 31, 2019), the total expenses surged nearly 19% at $36.81 billion. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO mentioned in his company blog post, “These investments will create thousands of jobs – including roles within Google, construction jobs in data centers and renewable energy facilities, and opportunities in local businesses in surrounding towns and communities…”

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