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Google vs. U.S. Government – Preparing for Battle Over the Market Power

By ET Bureau - September 25, 2020 1 Mins Read

The U.S. Justice Department is predicted to file a lawsuit against Alphabet’s Google next week, kicking off a long legal slowdown over whether the online advertising and search company uses its outsized market power unfairly.

One set of allegations is concerned with Google’s search engine. Google has been accused of looking to disadvantage rivals like Microsoft’s Bing, depriving them of the scale, and hence the data about user preferences and other users that they need to enhance and to advertise to users.

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Google is accused of using its popular search function to favor the products, such as YouTube, as well as big advertisers, including eBay. Another allegation is related to advertising. In advertising, Google clearly dominates the interlocking businesses which connect advertisers with websites, newspapers, and other firms seeking to host them.

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