Google Introduces ‘Open-Source Maintenance Crew’

Google Introduces ‘Open-Source Maintenance Crew’

Google has joined the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), the Linux Foundation, and other industry leaders at the White House Open Source Security Summit.

The search engine giant has announced open-source security initiatives and announce the formation of an “Open Source Maintenance Crew.” The maintenance crew will be responsible for tightening setups to distributing updates and protect the security of upstream open-source projects. The move comes after the raising concerns about open-source vulnerabilities, particularly in the aftermath of the Log4j hacks, and more broadly, as supply chain attacks on open-source software components surged by 650 percent in 2021.

According to Google, the “Open Source Maintenance Crew” was created with the intention of having an entity like OpenSSF run the group and serve as a matchmaker for key projects.

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