Google and Box has Announce Expanded Cloud Partnership

Google and Box has Announce Expanded Cloud Partnership

A new and expanded integrations between Box and G Suite environments with Google Cloud services has been announced. Box and Google have new and expanded integrations recently between G Suite environments, Box, and Google Cloud services.

Under this strategic partnership, Box will leverage Google Cloud for machine learning, data
storage integrations in the Box Skills kit, with the upcoming single sign-on (SSO) improvements.

More specifically, businesses intend to offer Google Cloud’s Document AI service as a part of the Box Skills Kit to enhance data processing capabilities. The Box Skills kit leverages ML capabilities from cloud service providers such as Google and IBM to glean insight from data in the Box. Considering the identity front, Box confirmed that it plans to build SSO enhancements that let consumers set identity configurations more easily.

Also, Box promises additional support for Google Authenticator with time-based one-time

Google and Box first announced G Suite integrations back in the 2018 Google Next conference.
Initial integrations allowed consumers to edit, create, and collaborate on G Suite files from
within Box, assuring the maintenance of Box’s complete admin controls, keeping its security and compliance capabilities intact. With Gmail integration, consumers can attach Box files to download email attachments to Box, without leaving Gmail.

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