First Open IoT Standard Devices Revealed by Open Connectivity Foundation

Open Connectivity Foundation

In a bid to fix the incompatibility issues among IoT devices, the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) has launched devices with its OCF’s 2.1 specifications at CES 2020. Several organizations showed off their beta OCF compatible devices at the event. The main aim of the OCF 2.1 specification is to allow the development of IoT devices for smart commercial devices while maintaining fundamental interoperability between device architectures.  

Based on the Resource Orientated REST architectural style, the OCF is designed to bridge the gap between existing IoT ecosystems. The OCF Universal Cloud Interface standard will make it easier and simpler to reduce the work associated with IoT cloud to cloud communications. Collaboration between device manufacturers who want to produce IoT devices will be simplified owing to different configurations of the same OCF UCI.


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