Facebook’s Launches New Portal as a Last-Ditch Attempt at Hardware Success

Facebook, Hardware

With innovative designs, Portal Assistant launches a new model built to convert television sets into the giant video-call device. This latest hardware started by Facebook hopes to reverse the poor fortunes of its other Portals.

It’s no secret that Facebook has struggled for the success of its Portal range of smart-display hardware. The prices were slashed after the first generation launched in Canada and the US in November 2019 as its reputation didn’t change posts fake review scandals.

The biggest obstacle listed is the consumers’ growing concerns over privacy, particularly Facebook’s approach to personal data during the data scraping controversies. As data security concerns rise, Portal’s pitch of a Facebook-made video-call-cum-audio-assistant device is particularly hard to sell.

Regardless of the frosty reception, Facebook is doubling down on Portal, refreshing the range soon with new models, updating the software features. With a clearer commitment to privacy. Facebook is also expanding the market, launching in Europe, selecting other jurisdictions for the first time. It is further supported by support for WhatsApp calls – adding 1.5 billion new users potentially.

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