Employees Are Emotionally and Mentally Strained, Says KPMG Study

Employees Are Emotionally and Mentally Strained_ Says KPMG Study

The latest report from KPMG survey found that employees are mentally exhausted while balancing work and childcare responsibilities in the work from home setup amid COVID-19.

The majority of employees working remotely as well onsite said they are satisfied with their company’s response to COVID-19, as per the report “American worker survey COVID-19: Reality of work and the virtual workforce”.

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A little over one-third of employees were provided access to mental health professionals or given resources developed by their bosses, found the report. Work from home support, training and up skilling, continuous flexibility in how and where they work, more opportunities, and resources for colleague collaboration are things employees want to continue going forward as well, according to the report.

Source: Healthianalytics

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