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DeepMind unveils ‘Stratego’ playing AI system

By ET Bureau - December 05, 2022 1 Mins Read

The DeepMind division of Alphabet Inc. has created a new artificial intelligence system that can play the board game “Stratego,” which is thought to be more difficult than chess and go. The company provided more information about the DeepNash AI system.

According to the Alphabet unit, DeepNash won more than 84% of its games against skilled human competitors. According to DeepMind, “Stratego” is too complex to be effectively taught by the conventional methods used to teach AI systems to play board games. DeepMind’s researchers created the R-NaD AI technique, which is based on the study of game theory in mathematics, to overcome that limitation.

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The DeepNash system that DeepMind described in the announcement is based on that methodology. DeepNash allegedly creates a strategy for winning “Stratego” games by simulating a so-called Nash equilibrium.

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