Codenotary Unveils Software Bill of Materials Service For Kubernetes

Software supply chain security company Codenotary is launching its new Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Operator for Kubernetes in both its flagship service Codenotary’s Trustcenter and open-source Community Attestation Service.

The Kubernetes SBOM Operator reduces the danger of software supply chain attacks by keeping track of all the software and its dependencies that are active in the system. Users may monitor what is happening in the Kubernetes-managed container clusters using Codenotary’s new service.

Dennis Zimmer, Co-Founder and CTO, Codenotary said, “By itself, the SBOM is not very useful without continuously being updated and maintained as the information is deprecated with every new deployment or update. Now, users know exactly what is running in containers, with the most recent information, so they have the ability to immediately remediate something if necessary.”

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