Canonic Security exits stealth with SaaS app sandboxing platform

Canonic Security exits stealth with SaaS app sandboxing platform-01 (1)

Gorin’s Canonic Security, announced it has exited stealth and made its SaaS security product, the Canonic App Governance platform, generally available. The platform provides a sandbox environment where SaaS apps and code behavior can be simulated before an organization grants access to their business applications.

Security benefits of the platform include providing the ability to see all apps and integrations connected to a SaaS app and assess their “blast radius” and posture; identify each app vulnerability and understand how it impacts an environment; uncover abused, compromised and malicious third-party apps and integrations in an environment and quickly restrict their access; and continuously monitor pre-approved apps and detect suspicious and out-of-policy behavior, according to Gorin.

Additionally, Canonic streamlines the app access recertification processes and automatically revokes access when necessary – reducing third-party API access risks.

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