Autonomous Vehicles Get a Consortium to Meet Industry Challenges

Autonomous Vehicles

The complexity of autonomous vehicles has got the sector getting together to pool capabilities and innovations to meet their unique safety and computing challenges.

To ensure that the increasing number of autonomous cars in the market are also safe for their drivers, the top brands in the sector have come together to form a consortium. Putting together their resources to meet the unique challenges of this industry and especially its new products, Arm has brought together a consortium of top car brands that will ensure the technologies work well together to make these cars safer, smarter and more efficient. Dipti Vachani, senior vice president of automotive and embedded at Arm, announced the setting up of this Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium at the Arm TechCon 2019 conference in San Jose, California. “This will require an enormous amount of attention to issues such as safety, security, computing, and software,” Vachani is reported to have said on the occasion.

The components of an autonomous car are extremely complex. The manufacturers need to optimize workloads for computing devices such as central processing units, graphics processing units, image sensor processors, and machine learning components the consortium will support the various companies to work together to deliver a safe and efficient product.

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