API3, the first-party blockchain oracle, is releasing beacon data feeds with Amberdata

API3_ the first-party blockchain oracle_ is releasing beacon data feeds with Amberdata

API3, a blockchain oracle project as per Cointelegraph, is releasing Beacons, which it dubs “a transparent, scalable, and cost-effective solution for data providers to publish data feeds.” 

The existing oracle ecosystem model only considers oracles and dApps (decentralized Web3 applications running on a blockchain, typically Ethereum). API3 added the API providers as a third group to better represent the situation. API3 believes this model is more accurate, but it has also proven itself to be very complex due to having to make sure that three different parties play along.

In tandem with the launch, API3 is serving as the official DeFi Track sponsor of ETHDenver, dubbed as the largest and longest-running Ethereum event in the world. API3 aims to attract more than 3,000 dApp developers and have a strong presence at the event by ensuring that developers are equipped with the tools and knowledge to successfully build on Amberdata Beacons over the course of the nine-day event. 

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