AMD and Oneplus Drop Out Of In-Person CES 2022 Plans

AMD and Oneplus Drop Out Of In-Person CES 2022 Plans

Two more major firms have joined a growing group of manufacturers choosing to move away from physical presence at CES 2022 to a virtual one. The latest companies to bail on their plans are smartphone manufacturer OnePlus and chipmaker AMD.

Major withdrawals to date include Amazon, AT&T, AMD, GM, Google, Facebook parent company Meta, HeartRadio, Intel, OnePlus, Microsoft, Lenovo, Nvidia, Pinterest, Procter & Gamble, T-Mobile (although it will continue to be a sponsor of the show), Twitter, TikTok, and Waymo, among several small companies.

As cancellations continue to grow during, it is likely to have a negative impact on other vendors. The organizers of the event remain strong in their plans to continue the show, even though there are a lot of big exhibitors who will be absent.

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