Ambarella Announces a New Robotics Platform

Ambarella, Robotics Platform, AWS, Amazon AI, CVflow architecture, Linux OS, IR sensors, CES 2020, Las Vegas
Ambarella Announces a New Robotics Platform

Ambarella, the AI-based silicon company, has announced its new robotics platform, which is based on CVflow architecture for AI processing. Besides, the company has signed an AWS deal to make design products easier with its chips. Ambarella will demonstrate the new platform and Amazon AI deal at CES 2020, the tech trade at Las Vegas, in the coming week.

Based on the CVflow, the platform will target automated guided vehicles, industrial robots, and more. It supports Linux OS and provides a software infrastructure for the robotics perception, including CV2, CV22, etc. Also, it could be paired with mono and stereo layouts and IR sensors.


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