Amazon’s SaaS Boost Tool Helps Dev Overcome Obstacles

Amazons SaaS Boost Tool Helps Dev Overcome Obstacles

Amazon Web Services (AWS) SaaS Boost, an open-source platform that assists software developers in migrating existing solutions to software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery models, was now released. Amazon claims that SaaS Boost, which debuted in preview at AWS Re:Invent 2020, is capable of clearing up developers’ time by promoting software transformations to SaaS.

SaaS apps are still changing. Many of them communicate with other products and use industry-standard protocols, but they all require certain foundational skills to onboard customers, provision infrastructure, and surface key metrics. These roles are important for SaaS providers to be able to scale. However, if every organization invested in developing these capabilities, the time to market will be slowed.

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