Amazon Web Services rolls out AMD-powered EC2 instances

AWS rolls out AMD-powered EC2 instances for compute-intensive workloads-01

Amazon Web Services has introduced new computerized versions of the Amazon EC2 C6a, powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC (known as “Milan”) processors. Situations are best suited for completing difficult tasks, such as highly efficient web servers, bulk processing, ad feeds, ML, multiplayer games, video coding and science modelling.

The new conditions offer up to 15% improvement in price performance compared to Amazon’s C5a conditions, the company says, and at a cost 10% lower than EC2 conditions compared to x86. Available in 10 sizes, and offers 40 Gbps for Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) and up to 50 Gbps for network bandwidth. C6a Cases include encrypted memory encryption with AMD Transparent Single Key Memory Encryption (TSME), and supports new AVX2 encryption commands to accelerate encryption and encryption.

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