Amazon EKS Anywhere Receives Bare-Metal Server Support

According to a recent announcement from Amazon Web Services Inc., customers can now standardize and simplify Kubernetes deployments on their self-managed bare-metal infrastructure by using Amazon EKS Anywhere, which now supports bare-metal servers, or those without an operating system or installed applications.  

The Amazon EKS Anywhere expansion of the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes service, which was introduced in September, enables businesses to deploy Kubernetes on their own infrastructure without having to set up, run, and maintain a control pane or nodes. This is enhanced by Amazon EKS Anywhere, which enables users to build and manage Kubernetes clusters on vSphere-virtualized on-premises servers from VMware Inc. 

They now also have the choice of setting up Amazon EKS on bare metal servers, which are real machines set aside for just one tenant. This makes it possible to individually tailor the server’s speed and security for a single task.

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