Alibaba launches an innovative palm-sized cloud computer

Alibaba launches an innovative palm-sized cloud computer (1)

Alibaba has recently unveiled a new palm-sized computer, which, according to them, is “light as an egg” but comes with “almost unlimited computing resources.”

Alibaba unveiled this new product at its annual Apsara Conference 2020 last week, touting the product as being capable of allowing users to conduct complex business tasks such as software development and video editing, no matter where they are, as it stores and processes information entirely on the cloud.

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The computer is named as Wuying, meaning “no shadow” in Chinese, allows users to access almost unlimited computing resources anywhere and anytime if it is connected to any regular computer screen. Users can choose to pay for services instead of following a subscription model, which is dependent on actual usage.

The tiny computer can work on multiple operating systems, including Windows and Linux, with user data being stored on the cloud for varied security purposes, without a price tag.

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