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Alibaba Cloud Plans to Create 5000 Jobs Globally in FY2020

By ET Bureau - June 09, 2020 1 Mins Read

Alibaba Cloud Plans to Create 5000 Jobs Globally in FY2020

Alibaba Cloud has announced that it will create 5000 jobs globally in technology areas like
artificial intelligence (AI), chips, servers, databases, and networks in FY2023. Earlier in April, Alibaba had announced that it will invest an additional $28 billion in the next three years to build data centers. The company said it is not only building trusted cloud technologies and services, but also investing in worldwide IT talents.
Alibaba also launched a technology-research unit DAMO Academy which ropes in worldwide
talent for research in machine learning (ML), IoT (Internet of Things), natural language
processing (NLP), and finance technology.

Source: Reuters



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