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AI solutions offered as enterprises return to on-premise locations

By ET Bureau - August 13, 2020 1 Mins Read

AI solutions offered as enterprises return to on-premise locations

Governments across the world have released policies on the total number of employees allowed on-premise at a given time. Staggered numbers of employees are returning to the office after the global lockdown due to the pandemic. Organizations have installed PPE kits, sanitizer, and ensured social distancing as part of the return to office guidelines.

To enable a smooth transition from remote working to office, IBM and Workday have announced the launch of a new joint solution and expanded partnership that boosts the smooth transition of employees returning to the office. The new solution is a combination of management systems offered by the two organizations, and it will play a critical role in planning out the workplace data, critical employee, and community health.

Source: Zdnet


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