Podcast Interview with Kamal Ahluwalia President Eightfold AI

As President of Eightfold AI, Kamal Ahluwalia is both a pioneer and practitioner of AI Talent Platforms — a breakthrough technology in which any organization can hire and promote talent based on their potential, while simultaneously creating a more diverse, inclusive, and successful workforce. Co-Author of the book “What’s Next for You – The Eightfold Path To Transforming The Way We Hire And Manage Talent”


  • Hiring talent is not a unilateral exercise. There are many factors that impact the outcome of a hire. What would you rate as the most significant of them? This would be the factor that would ultimately justify the cost and validation of that hiring.
  • Despite a lot of noise, do you think workplaces today are inclusive? No controversies here, but are companies doing enough to be inclusive in their hiring?
  • How does technology help here??
  • Resume biases often influence the hiring process.  But AI tools have also been known to create biases during the evaluation of a candidate’s skills and qualifications, how do you ensure this does not happen?
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