Podcast Interview with Aviad Hasnis CTO of Cynet

Aviad Hasnis joined Cynet after 9 years of service in the IDF at the Central Intelligence Unit. He has worked on numerous cutting edge technologies that have had a major impact on the security of the State of Israel. As part of Aviad’s duties as CTO of Cynet, he continues to lead extensive cyber security research projects and move cyber innovation forward.

Please find below the questions for Aviad Hasnis, CTO of Cynet for a podcast interview.

  1. What are your thoughts on REvil’s attack on Kaseya? Should we expect a new stage in the evolution of the ransomware business, namely the attack on the supply chain? Will this type of attack become more common in the near future?
  2. So, how can businesses and system owners build trust while still running their own IT systems? Do today’s small and medium-sized businesses suffer the same threats as the larger corporations that we are seeing being hacked in the news?
  3. This is a worsening scenario, with supply chain attacks being a key development area for cyber criminals, so the question now is what can SMBs do to defend themselves and their consumers?
  4. What impact does the Kaseya Ransomware attack have on MSSPs? What can businesses do to reduce the danger of a security breach?
  5. It’s difficult to talk about supply chain security without mentioning SolarWinds. As part of the supply chain attack, hundreds of industrial organizations received a piece of malware called Sunburst. How do most industrial facilities keep themselves secure from attack, and why isn’t it working?
  6. Another hidden danger to the supply chain is open-source software libraries. What can companies do to reduce from open-source vulnerabilities?
  7. Could you give us a rundown of your predictions for the rest of 2021 in terms of cyber security?
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