Zepl and Snowflake Bring Data Science as a Service to Cloud Data Warehouses

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The new partnership enables customers to analyze Snowflake data at scale in just minutes

Bring machine learning to your Snowflake data in minutes. Try Zepl for free today. www.zepl.com

With Zepl’s new native Snowflake integration, data science teams are able to rapidly explore, analyze and collaborate around Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse. In just minutes, Zepl brings machine learning at scale to Snowflake data across entire data science teams. Zepl’s powerful collaboration capabilities are used by data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, team managers, and executives worldwide.

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Zepl is used for all types of enterprise use cases across high tech, financial services, pharmaceutical, IoT, and automotive companies. Customers use Zepl to quickly analyze, visualize and democratize insights derived from petabytes of data. The new partnership changes the game by automating model-driven insights in a highly secure manner. Zepl rapidly accelerates experimentation, frictionless collaboration, training of ML models, and sharing of insights for Snowflake customers.

“We had access to everything under the sun, and Zepl was the only platform that brought us from analysis to insight in a single place,” said Kishore Radhakrishna, Senior Data Engineer at AppDynamics/Cisco. “Zepl enabled us to rapidly prototype across a cross-functional team – data scientists, analysts, and business people – to connect to our Snowflake data in minutes and create a new model in only two days. With Zepl, we could quickly explore our Snowflake data and find answers faster than we thought was possible.”

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“The Zepl integration enables Snowflake customers to apply powerful data science and machine learning capabilities to their Snowflake data minutes,” Snowflake Product Manager, Harsha Kapre said. “Zepl’s data science and analytics platform enable shared customers to do rapid exploration and predictive analysis on top of petabytes of data. Our partnership with Zepl transforms our joint customers from reactive to proactive enterprises through the use of powerful machine learning insights.”

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“Snowflake users are way ahead of the curve when it comes to using data as a strategic advantage in their business,” said Dan Maloney, CEO of Zepl. “They want to analyze, infer and act upon massive sets in real-time. Zepl provides the collaborative, model-driven results they’re looking for to drive their businesses forward.”

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