ZeeQuest is an all-in-one platform that eases people’s path towards personal development, business success and well-being in revolutionary ways. The business side of the platform – ZQ Business, is only one of three main pillars, but with XPeer, it just might be the most important part of the puzzle.

During the recent few years, the new SEC regulations like Reg A+ and rules on STO (security token offering) set the foundations for unique compensation plans and corporate infrastructures that superseded the wildest dream of experts in the field. ZeeQuest was quick to take on a challenge to present a transcendental digital value proposition to a large audience relying on a disruptive and regulated framework. The team designed ZQ XPeer, a leading-edge peer-to-peer profit-sharing cooperative within a digital business platform.

Through ZQ XPeer, the platform introduces unique ways of testing one’s entrepreneurial spirit in a safe and regulated business environment, where all deficiencies of single-level, multi-level, referral and affiliate direct sales models are eliminated.