LOAD will be providing ZAPTEST users the capability to do API performance testing as a standalone or in combination with their existing ZAPTEST functional UI and API testing using the standard ZAPTEST scripts.

ZAPTEST LOAD will be an addition to the existing components of ZAPTEST IDE.

The ZAPTEST LOAD performance testing load is generated by running multiple concurrent virtual users, and it can be scaled up by using distributed load generating capacity. Users can define various load parameters like grouping steps into transactions; include multiple test scripts for complex frameworks, to control parameterized test data distribution; and monitor performance statistics live.

Comprehensive test results include data and graphs that help to reveal weak points in the system under test.

ZAPTEST is available as a no-cost Free edition and as a commercial Enterprise solution.

The Enterprise solution is delivered through a Software + Services [S+S] model where ZAP engages one Expert per client on a full-time basis and offers organizations unlimited use of ZAPTEST licenses for its full-time employees and consultants.