YCombinator-backed VOIQ offers US Government and National Organizations free use of their AI VoiceBot Call Platform to reach out to COVID-19-impacted communities

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YCombinator-backed VOIQ offers US Government and National Organizations free use of their AI VoiceBot Call Platform to reach out to COVID-19-impacted communities

To assist affected communities and prevent COVID-19 from spreading, YCombinator-backed VOIQ is working with government officials and health and senior care organizations by providing them the use of VOIQ’s Call Platform powered by Conversational AI VoiceBots (call robots that can have natural conversations over the phone) at no cost.

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China has already successfully leveraged AI VoiceBots to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Companies like Baidu, iFlytek, and Alibaba provided the Chinese government with AI-powered outbound call robots that automatically dial individuals and ask questions, such as travel history and physical condition, to take action with the results.

Now with VOIQ VoiceBots, the US Government and National organizations can have highly-personalized conversations with each person in their community. They can ask critical questions to detect new cases as early as possible and understand the needs of their community AND provide up-to-date, accurate information, i.e. new quarantine rules, local service hours, and officially-recommended health care tips and guidelines. For example:

“Hi, is this Roger? Have you had a fever for 2 or more days? Are you currently experiencing any shortness of breath? Would you like to be transferred to your local medical unit for further diagnosis? Roger, your nearest testing facility is on 555 West Shore Drive, Pleasantville, California.” (Full sample conversation below)

Based on the person’s answers, the AI VoiceBot can provide the information of the nearest testing center or medical care unit, transfer potential high-risk cases to local health care officials for further diagnosis, and/or send an email or SMS to the right organization or department – taking immediate action on each individual’s needs.

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The use of outbound conversational VoiceBots allows for a high volume of calls in a short period. This is not only fast and cost-efficient but most importantly allows for early infection detection, which could save hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives.

The VOIQ Call Platform is typically used by leading enterprises making hundreds of thousands of calls to engage their prospects and customers through highly-personalized, human-like conversations. Amid COVID-19, VOIQ has temporarily modified its software to be easily used by the incredible communities, organizations, and companies working day and night to keep people safe, healthy and cared for.

“Communities across the country are working exceptionally hard to address the increased uncertainty caused by a coronavirus and to understand who needs help the most and what can be done about it. In these truly unprecedented times, the need for more communication channels that are effective and can operate at speed and scale is evident,” explains Ricardo Garcia-Amaya, CEO and Founder of VOIQ. “We’re humbled to do our part and make VOIQ VoiceBot calls available for free to help COVID-19 impacted communities reach out to each one of their members to deliver accurate information and ask critical questions to understand their needs and take appropriate action.”

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