Workplace Culture & Compliance Platform Emtrain Hires Software Leader And Inclusion Activist Odessa Jenkins As The Company’s First President

Workplace Culture _ Compliance Platform Emtrain Hires Software Leader and Inclusion Activist Odessa Jenkins as the Company's First President

Emtrain, which delivers workplace culture analytics through its online training platform to prevent bias, discrimination, harassment and ethical lapses in the workplace, today announced it has hired Odessa (OJ) Jenkins to be the company’s first president. Emtrain’s founder Janine Yancey will continue to serve as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to joining Emtrain, Jenkins served as Vice President of Client Success at YourCause, an enterprise software company that enabled corporate social responsibility, where she helped grow the team from 40 to 200 people.

She also founded the Women’s National Football Conference, a professional women’s tackle football league which has teams in 20 cities.

“OJ does not look or sound like your typical Silicon Valley executive. That’s a feature, not a bug,” said Yancey. “OJ is passionate about our mission to strengthen workplace culture with stronger ethics, deeper respect and greater inclusion.

She also has deep experience leading and managing an enterprise software company: a rarity for any woman and particularly for a woman of color.”

“I believe in the ability of companies to change the world,” Jenkins said. “I know the impact that company culture can have on employees, their productivity, their attitude, and their own well-being.

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I believe company culture is about authenticity. Emtrain is proof of this. I got to where I am by being my absolute authentic self. I know I don’t fit the mold for the typical president of a tech startup. For some companies that might be scary. For Emtrain, it’s exciting.”

As President, Jenkins’ responsibility will be to continue to drive Emtrain’s growth as a CultureTech company. In the last two years, Emtrain has doubled its employee count, launched EmtrainAI, a pioneering learning and analytics platform, and published extensive research on workplace culture based on the 25 million employee sentiment points across its Workplace Culture Benchmark™.

Recognized as one of the 250 fastest growing companies in California by Inc. Magazine, with revenues nearly doubling between 2018-2020, Emtrain’s customers include leading brands such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Indeed, Genentech, Chevron, and Glassdoor.

As Emtrain’s CEO, Yancey’s focus will be on broader company thought leadership and developing deeper relationships with clients, partners and community members.

“OJ is an athlete and coach and is passionate about equality in women’s sports, just like she’s passionate about equality in business.” Yancey said. “Every hire is an opportunity to strengthen Emtrain’s social fabric and make our team more diverse and robust. I’m delighted to bring OJ on board as our President to help us scale and make a big social impact.”

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