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Workfront Delivers Scenario Planning for Enterprise Work Management

By ET Bureau - August 19, 2020 3 Mins Read

Compare multiple people and resource deployment options to optimize performance in dynamic business environments

 Workfront®, the work management solution for the enterprise, today announced the release of Workfront Scenario Planner, a new application that enables business leaders to create and compare multiple work management plans to ensure people and resources are deployed effectively to achieve results. Workfront Scenario Planner is available immediately.

For the first time, enterprises can manage work and intellectual capital as a tier-one business asset from strategic planning to execution. Scenario Planner enables companies to iteratively and continuously plan across organizations, departments, and teams, using what-if scenarios to determine the best options. Workfront’s intuitive user experience and powerful enterprise platform make it possible for planners to:

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  • Create and compare scenarios—Easily create and view multiple planning scenarios side-by-side, modeling the deployment of people and resources against major initiatives.
  • Highlight resource bottlenecks—Identify people and resource constraints in the context of work plans.
  • Determine a path forward—Create and compare scenarios, facilitate collaboration and consensus, and execute.
  • Enable continuous planning—Work is dynamic. Scenario Planner moves planning from a quarterly or annual process to on-demand. Companies and teams can plan and replan as required to drive competitive success.

Workfront developed Scenario Planner in collaboration with large enterprise organizations to bring enterprise-level planning to work management. While traditional planning tools have focused on financial allocation or headcount, Scenario Planner brings work to the center of the plan, leveraging resource capacity and financial data for agile planning in single, simple user experience. In conjunction with Workfront Align, also announced today, enterprises now have the ability to bring together enterprise planning, individual objectives, work execution, and measurement all in one enterprise platform.

“As the world continues to change and unexpected factors arise, we’re constantly making small and large adjustments to our plans. Scenario Planner will make it much easier to quickly understand the impact of a single adjustment across all of our work, to compare scenarios, and to align our resources to the outcomes that matter most. At the end of the day, it will enable us to make smart, responsive decisions more quickly and easily,” said Jen Krempa, Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Administration at Penn State University.

“Building a high-performance company means deploying your people on your most strategic work, ensuring they have the resources to get it done, and being able to recalibrate quickly as circumstances change,” said Alex Shootman, CEO of Workfront. “With Workfront Scenario Planner, companies and teams can, for the first time, build and compare multiple plans that connect work to be done with their people and resource capacity so they can achieve the right outcome.”


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