Web Hosting Company GeeksHosted.com Experiences Post Data Center Business Boom, Now Accepts Bitcoin

Web Hosting, Bitcoin, GeeksHosted

GeeksHosted is a hosting company with 6 years in the market and is making strides in the industry. Its mantra revolves around creating a web hosting ecosystem built “for geeks, by geeks,” and has earned it a favorite spot among the target niche. The service provider now shows interest in emerging technologies such as Bitcoin to expand its payment options as well as target an inclusion market.

For a small team of 10, the combined efforts have been rather intriguing these past 6 years, with its recent achievements including the building of a brand new state-of-the-art data center, out of which it provides an affordable high-performance dedicated server offering.

Quality Over Growth for Growth-hacking

During its early days, the GeeksHosted’s team largely depended on the word-of-mouth marketing strategies to get their product out there, and now, they have impressive results to show for it. With a growing number of subscribers numbering over 15,000 businesses and entrepreneurs so far turning to GeeksHosted to power their web properties, the team attests an overwhelming market demand leading to shortages of disk space on their server – surpassing initial expectations.

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