Wealthface Launches Advanced Robo-advice Platform Serving the MENA Region

Wealthface, Advanced Robo-advice Platform, MENA Region
Wealthface Launches Advanced Robo-advice Platform Serving the MENA Region

Portfolio management company Wealthface announced the launch of its Robo-advice direct indexing platform for passive investors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The company will operate out of its UAE offices in Abu Dhabi.

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Wealthface offers expert investment services through a blend of investment options, advanced Fintech, and professional human expertise, and is licensed by both the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM). Furthermore, its recent partnership with US Global digital trading heavyweights “DriveWealth” will enable Wealthface clients to invest in US markets.

The Wealthface portfolio management platform was developed in-house by a team of quantitative analytical experts using a modern algorithm based on Nobel Prize-winning economic research. It is easily accessible to all types of investors through a user-friendly, tool-rich and intuitive system that optimizes individual investments and keeps investors fully informed of their investments’ performance at all times.

The Wealthface platform offers investors of varying income brackets the opportunity to invest in high-value stocks, an opportunity was typically unavailable for investments under a certain ceiling. These investments are made through fractional shares within exchange-traded funds of leading asset managers, and offered to clients at a low cost, without hidden fees, and no minimum deposits. Furthermore, the platform offers a complimentary automated service that rebalances portfolio asset allocation ensuring that portfolios are aligned with each client’s investment goals at all times.

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Bilal Majbour, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wealthface, said: “Our mission at Wealthface is to broaden access to investors previously unable to invest in certain asset classes and fill the gap which we feel is missing in the global investment market. Investment companies have historically profited at the expense of investors, through lack of transparency, hidden fees, and prohibitive measures that have kept many investors out of the game. Wealthface is here to change that. We aim to offer every type of investor, regardless of income bracket, access to profitable investment opportunities, using advanced Fintech and human expertise, while remaining fully transparent.”

“The algorithm-based investment profile of Wealthface was developed to safeguard against adverse events, including market slowdowns and stock market crashes, through the systemic back-testing of data, which helps to optimize portfolios and protect investments from loss of value. This was evident in the recent market drop, where the Wealthface portfolio outperformed the market” he continued.

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