VoltDB Launches Active (N) Lossless Data Center Cross Replication

VoltDB Launches Active (N) Lossless Data Center Cross Replication-01

In direct response to the needs of its major customers, working with some of the largest telecom operators in the market, VoltDB , the leading enterprise-grade data platform built to enable decision maker, today announced the introduction of its Data Center Cross Replication (XDCR) Active (N) tmLoseless. Active (N) Lossless XDCR will give telecom operators and businesses looking to implement 5G use cases a significant advantage by increasing the resilience of their networks against outages and security risks, as well as adding additional protection against data loss.

Active (N) Lossless XDCR replicates data in real time to four or more data centers at a time, resulting in “five nine” (i.e. 99.999%) availability, which quickly becomes indispensable in the era of 5G.

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“We’ve just raised the bar for data consistency, resiliency and scalability,” said Dheeraj Remella, Director of Product at VoltDB. “We can now deliver a level of datacenter replication that no other data platform can offer, and this really allows businesses to have foolproof availability and resiliency built into their architecture so they can dramatically increase their success in monetizing 5G. ”

5G’s promise of ultra-low latency creates new use cases that force data to be both immediately available and consistent, regardless of the user’s location. This new paradigm inevitably leads to data conflicts. VoltDB’s unique XDCR solution will provide telecom operators and businesses with the unique ability to resolve conflicts at both the application and database level, to maintain resiliency and data consistency, even at latencies of less than 10 milliseconds and regardless of where the data is stored, in a single or multiple data centers

“Anyone can transact quickly,” Remella said. “We empower our customers to do them quickly while observing and then correcting the inevitable conflicts that arise when the same record is changed in multiple data centers at the same time. This places telecom operators and businesses that use VoltDB in a unique position to provide unprecedented protection against data center failures and cyber attacks, while providing blazingly fast data access for their distributed applications in the world. worldwide, including critical applications. ”

With Active (N) Lossless XDCR, VoltDB enriches its enterprise-level data platform with unprecedented functionality to help customers differentiate themselves in the roadmap to automation and digital transformation and build robust networks that enable faster deployment and monetization of 5G use cases.

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