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Visure Solutions Unveils Visure Requirements ALM 6, Enabling Better Collaboration, Traceability & Performance

By ET Bureau - March 05, 2021 4 Mins Read

Visure Solutions Unveils Visure Requirements ALM 6_ Enabling Better Collaboration_ Traceability _ Performance-01

As work-from-home continues to be the norm, companies and their employees must continue to adopt the use of new communication tools and platforms. For many industries, such as medical devices, automotive, and aerospace, innovative Requirements Management platforms have become increasingly important as virtual teams learn how to better collaborate.

Today’s Requirements Management platforms must facilitate an agile approach to business, while maintaining an efficient development process. For regulated environments, this may mean even shorter times-to-market, more imaginative prioritization of business demand and, potentially, integration of design thinking processes into the development process.

One company that is leading the charge in this new Requirements Management paradigm is Visure Solutions Inc. In an effort to better support global virtual teams, the award-winning requirements Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) company has released Visure Requirements ALM 6.

For this latest version, the entire Visure Requirements ALM Platform has been redesigned to provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure that features a three-tier architecture. This new architecture uses gRPC protocol as the basis for the communication between the Visure Requirements ALM client and server, providing a faster, more reliable, scalable and secure connection.

Visure is the first in the industry to use gRPC, a modern, remote procedure call (RPC) framework that can run anywhere. The framework also connects services across languages, clouds, and data centers, and connects mobile devices to backend servers.

The protocol enables client and server applications to communicate transparently and makes it easier to build connected systems.

Many companies such as Netflix and Square are already using gRPC for connecting multiple services in their environments. For Requirements Management, gRPC enables more efficiency, better traceability, higher productivity, and less room for errors.

“Visure’s new ALM architecture is focused on providing better collaboration,” said Visure CEO Dr. Moustapha Tadlaoui. “The architecture allows the applications to be much faster and way more scalable while enabling better performance.”

Many of Visure’s customers still use Word and Excel for Requirements Management; the new Visure Requirements ALM 6 provides them with the same user experience that Word does, but in a more user-friendly environment.

“gRPC enables us to have a desktop version with a highly scalable and performance experience,” explained Fernando Valera, Visure’s CTO. “For example, users can download a Windows app on their desktop if they want to use Word instead of the web. This gives them a flexible and more modern environment, especially when they are used to working with Word or Excel.”

Valera said the Visure MS Office plugins are an extremely efficient way of importing requirements and traceability in the Visure Requirements ALM platform and establishing an effective round-trip in case of receiving updates in this format. In addition to the existing MS Word plugin, Visure Requirements ALM 6 incorporates a new MS Excel plugin capable of importing complex tables of requirements with attributes and traceability directly from the MS Office user interface.

The Visure Requirements ALM 6 platform also incorporates a brand-new application for authors of requirements and users who need to create items, check their statuses, establish traceability and collaborate with other users by reviewing specifications and requirements.

The Visure Authoring application is a native web client that provides a simple and easy to use interface for occasional users that need a simple and streamlined interface to access and edit their information.

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Meanwhile, Visure Reviewer has been improved to take advantage of all the new usability and review features included in Visure Requirements ALM 6 platform. Visure Reviewer allows teams to collaborate, review and approve project elements.  The new platform also makes traceability easier by enabling users to generate traceability in one click.

There is a growing demand from many of Visure’s customers – who are developing highly critical systems – to have a Requirements Management tool that allows them to have lower costs, better performance, less downtime and the ability to scale, Dr. Tadlaoui said.

“There is an urgent need from our customers for this type of tool to help them boost speed-to-market while meeting compliance requirements and maintaining quality and integrity of their systems and products,” he said. “As industries and companies are trying to adapt to these changing times, Requirements ALM will remain a cornerstone for the cohesiveness of teams and the effectiveness of their processes.”

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